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Monday, 1 July 2013

Charity really does begin at home.

Husband and child 1 have just returned home from a weekend of festive living at Glastonbury. Both of them are exhausted and of course grubby and grumpy, but full of all the bands and sights that they have seen. This was child 1's first foray into the miniature city that is the Glastonbury Festival, but it is not just about Noah and The Whale, Two Door Cinema Club, Primal Scream and Mumford and Sons it was for her a coming of age experience. When they first arrived child 1 was nervous and clingy, by Saturday she was off with her friends keeping in contact with the parents via text.

Like most teenagers she understood the lay of the land very quickly, recognising landmarks and so enabling her to find her way around the huge site with confidence.

Glastonbury isn't just about the bands and the music it also provides a voice to Greenpeace, Oxfam, Water Aid and many other charities including numerous local ones, in fact much of the stewarding is provided by local schools and charitable organisations, where those involved earn their schools and organisations much needed funds and get to spend a weekend of working and playing hard on site.

Much of the profit is handed over to these charities year in year out and everywhere you go on site there are reminders of the amazing work some of these charities do. There is a field dedicated to Greenpeace, and there is a major presence all over the green fields from Oxfam and Water Aid. In between sets the huge screens share the reasons as to why we should support these charities.


Somewhere, a Steven Biddulph book no doubt, I have read the importance of our children seeing us support movements that stand up for the environment and human rights as this will encourage them to think about the whole world that surrounds them, not just their local neighbourhood (which in our case is pretty much white middle class). This in turn will help them to grow into strong, individuals whonot only have a good moral compass but will also know when it is time to stand up and be counted.

Glastonbury Festival I think tries to provide a green and Eco friendly environment full of excitement, entertainment and pleasure which for helping in the education of our children is a good thing.

Just to share child 1's quotes of the weekend include
In an attempt to skive off school on the Friday "Mum what is one day of learning in comparison to a lifetime of memories."
To get to the front of the crowd when watching The Arctic Monkeys "Excuse  me but I've lost my mum, can I get past to look for her"
When Dad texted her Sunday morning " R U up" her response was "No"

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