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Sunday, 16 August 2015

On a positive note

I've not been about much, summer holidays, sibling rivalry, constant supervision requirements, BAAF, Kids Company etc, etc. sometimes it is so very easy to get caught up in the negative stuff and as I try to always write with a positive note I have for the last couple of weeks chosen not to write. What would I share, my angst about holidays, rain, no routine, pleasing everyone - no chance or perhaps I could think up some positive thoughts about the closure of BAAF and Kids Company - well I just haven't been in the mood.

At last though, it seems the sun has come out and I have been thinking about the joys of adoption and there are some honest. In fact there are loads.

We adopted because we, well I always wanted to, three children weren't enough, my husband is probably praying that four is!😜 in truth I love having a house full of noise, obviously I prefer laughter but sometimes noise is enough, I love dinner times despite the occasional drama and door slam, I love curling up with a child to cuddle and to watch a movie, share a story or even try and snooze. I love picnics, tree climbing, walking the dog, visits to the park, the woods and the beach. I love baking, making science and painting. I really, really love my kids.

We have been to a zoo, a farm, a safari. We have played in the woods and on the beach. We have picnicked in the sun and under a huge tree when it rained. We have made playdough, moon sand, a volcano and painted pictures.

 We have collected snails and spiders (some of which have escaped in the house aaaarrgh). We have met our neighbours new puppy and watched baby orangutan play with their keeper. We have watched weddings and met some Daleks. Child 1 returned home from her Borneo expedition safe, sound and full of excitement, she already has a job and is saving for her next trip. Child 2 has stepped into the breech she left when she was away. He is growing up. Child 3 is baking fairy cakes and making her own cups of tea, she has been loving her holiday gymnastic club and showing fantastic abilities. Child 4 has been enjoying life.

I must remember to read this post next time I am feeling low or struggling with the bickering, the throwing, the punching, biting and hair pulling. Because in reality life is good.