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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The trials of being a Tooth Fairy

Child 3 has lost a tooth, the one she has been wobbling for days. She has been pushing at it with her tongue so that it just sticks out through her lips making me shiver!

Long gone are the days, when a copper tuppence was the gift left under a pillow in exchange for a tiny shiny pearl white tooth. No now with inflation a tuppence has become a shiny gold pound coin and the tooth fairy is expected to write little letters.

Child 3 very excitedly placed her tooth under her pillow and the next morning ran into our bedroom devasted because her tooth was still there. "Why didn't the Tooth Fairy come last night" she wept. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, pulled her into my embrace and muttered "because it rained so hard last night, maybe her wings didn't work properly". Well I couldn't very well say "because your mum is rubbish and forgot could I?"

That night I left a note under my pillow with my pyjamas to remind me to be the Tooth Fairy and I crept into child 3's bedroom to leave her coin, but there with her tooth was a little note. The note said how much child 3 loved the Tooth Fairy and then went onto ask how old she was (if it wasn't rude to ask) and why she hadn't come to collect the tooth the night before.

Did you know that Tooth Fairies can be really old, like 157 years old and they collect all the teeth in a family. Child 3's Tooth Fairy collected her grandparents and her parents teeth and the reason that sometimes she doesn't collect teeth is if it has been raining, because the raindrops weigh down her wings so much that she can't fly. Tooth Fairies love little children and they love it when those same little children keep their teeth clean and shiny just like jewels.

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