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Friday, 12 July 2013

Our first step!

Ok the social worker called yesterday afternoon to gives us the verdict following Tuesdays meeting. Its a YES! I keep wanting to call them back to check that I heard right, I mean I know that they said yes, they have given us matching panel dates and the ok to tell the children but I still can't quite believe it, I am going to be a mummy again.

We decided that as Thursday night was really busy, show rehearsals and choir practice that we would tell the children after the school barbecue tonight. Whilst a really really filthy child 3 sat in the bath we gathered around and asked the children how they would feel about having a brother a two year old little brother.

There were gasps and tears lots and lots of tears. Child 3 was hysterical sobbing her heart out and for a few seconds my heart nearly stopped, what had I done? Then a cacophony of voices began, what's his name? when will we get him? can I tell Nanna, Auntly ......, uncle...... ,our closest friends? Child 3's hysteria calmed enough for me to understand "mummy I am so happy I can't stop crying"

They then fought for the phones and the IPad to contact those they love to share the news, many more tears were to follow not just from us but from those who were lucky enough to be contacted. I spent the next hour following up the calls my emotional children made to help make sense of what was happening and when. Then they were arguing over who would bath him, who would put him to bed who would chose the stroller and the car seat. Who would tell who tomorrow, Sunday and at school on Monday. Then child 2 and 3 hunted through the toy boxes hunting out all the Thomas the Tank toys to put in child 4's bedroom ready for when he arrives.

How proud a parent am I, child 4 is already wanted and wished for, not only the children will be counting the days until he arrives- sometime towards the end of September (fingers crossed)

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