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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A G & T evening

It gets to that time in the evening when it's cooler outside than in, so mixing up a very tall and cold gin and tonic over ice with a slice of lime I head out into the garden, firstly to water the vegetables and then to sit and enjoy the cool evening in peace. Child 3 is at last asleep, she has found it hard to settle in the heat.

We live in a really quiet area and its so nice to sit in a calm and peaceful setting. As I settle I realise that I can hear birds, baby birds murmuring close by. Not long ago I saw a blackbird collecting materials to build his nest in our laburnum tree well this little chaps babies have hatched and they were calling for mummy and daddy.  Their chirping made me smile, it won't be long and our new little one will be here, no doubt interrupting my peaceful evenings but also laughing and running around our garden making some chirping of his own.

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