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Friday, 19 July 2013

The closing of a door

"We'll mum, I'm not a year 7 anymore" child 2 announced when I got home from work.

We were off to a leaving party this evening, one of the families from school are returning back to their roots far away in the land of Oz. We along with many others went to a party to celebrate the memories of many a good time and to hope for many more memories to be made.

Is it weird that we celebrate beginnings and endings? Births, baptisms and weddings are happy beginnings and end of year celebrations, leaving parties and funerals are celebrations of what has been.

I am always a little sad at the end of the school year, it's the sign of another year passing where our children are becoming more independent, more self aware and more self confident. Although I know that I moaned about the dependency of the children when they were little, I do really miss it. Child 1 doesn't want many cuddles anymore and when she does they are always on her terms. Child 2 is ready to move from being a little one at secondary school to taking his place in year 8, he is much more self assured and confident than he was a year ago. Child 3 thinks she is 14, so honestly does not understand why she can't do exactly what she wants, when she wants. None of them crawl into my lap when they are tired and curl themselves into me, listening to me chat away to my friends, letting the chatter lull them to sleep. No they are all off playing, only returning for a drink or something to eat.

There is no choice when it comes to growing up and moving on, time ticks on by whether we like it or not, really we should embrace it, enjoying our children at the stage they are at encouraging them to take the next step towards teenage angst and then adult hood.

Instead of dwelling on the past, I will remember it, no doubt with rose tinted glasses, and move to the next stage. After all in a few months I will have a little one hopefully content enough within our family to be able to crawl into my lap and sleep.

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