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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Meet the parents

Common practice, if circumstances allow is for the prospective adopters to meet the birth parents. This gives the adopters the opportunity to ask some questions about the birth parents and their child, the birth parents can ask questions and be reassured that their child is being placed with "normal" people not monsters with two heads. Often a photo will be taken of both sets of parents which for the child shows continuity and links their two families for them.

The questions to ask are ones that the child will need answers to, so I am much more aware of what my children ask me.

What cravings did you have when you were pregnant with me?
What was your labour like?
Why did you name me?
Why are my eyes blue, yours are brown?
What was my first word?
When did I walk, crawl, laugh?
Favourite colours, music, lessons at school, music, books, talents.
Are there family traditions, talents, funny stories or happy memories?

All this information will help our number 4 to know who they are and where they come from, it may sound scary and hard for us to do but I am sure that the benefits of meeting the birth parents will far out weigh our nerves. In fact I worry that I won't ask enough questions!

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