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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Potty mouth children

"Daddy is "Feck" a rude word.?"  Dad explained that it wasn't  a nice word to use, and asked where child 3  had heard it. "Oh one of Mummy's friends says it all the time" yes you know who you are!

Sugar Honey Ice Tea (thank you Madagascar) is another favourite method of swearing that can be heard in our house, although if its completely ignored it does seem to stop.

When I was a child a common punishment for swearing was to wash the culprits mouth out with soap and water, something that is not seen as appropriate these days, so how do we deal with it. There really is nothing worse that hearing children and teenagers swearing.

Not so long ago I received a text from my brother, informing me that my child 2 had taught his 9 year old daughter the C word and he didn't mean crap as my son tried really really hard to persuade me. Yep I'm no fool. Child 2s consequence was clean the toilets (very appropriate for his potty mouth) and then had the choice to phone my brother and apologise or write him a letter. Guess which one my son chose?

Oh and he hasn't sworn since!

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