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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A monkey for a little man

Off we went to Build A Bear to buy a bear for number 4. This was child 3's idea a couple of months ago when I took her to buy a bear. We decided that a monkey was a good choice because he had long arms and legs perfect for wrapping himself around a sad and confused little boy. Child 2 helped with the stuffing, ensuring that he was soft yet filled with enough fluff to keep him strong and robust  and child 1 gently pressed the heart into its chest. Then we completed Monkey's birth certificate with his name Monkey, birth date who it was for and who has given it with love.

I am so proud of my children, they have pretty much taken our adoption plans in their stride, all three wanting to welcome their new brother into our home and hearts in their own special way.  On a good day Child 1 will love him, mothering him showing him that he is a child of our hearts, child 2 will help him grow strong and independent yet gentle when required and child 3 will teach him to share and to love us back. On a bad day child 1 will teach him how not to handle difficult women, child 2 will teach him to fight and child 3 will probably teach him to swear! Oh joy of joys x

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