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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Parish Life

 This morning 10 of us headed out to help one of our parishioners with their garden. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we had a boot load of cold water, cans of pop, homemade tortilla and almond cherry cake to see us through. Dressed for all contingencies we were in sturdy boots and long trousers to protect our legs and solid gardening gloves to deal with nettles and thistles.

We arrived at this lovely country spot, a cottage surrounded by green farm land where cows were ambling around with their calves in a nearby field. Our first job was to move a pile of rubble into a skip, one of the men set up a plank leading into the skip so we could supposedly easily move the rubble in, haha a seesaw involving a wheel barrow full of rubble, I'll let you picture that!

Then we stopped for the best ever coffee and tortilla. Hard hot work makes you very hungry. The guvnor Mr B soon had us working again this time in the barn sorting, clearing and tidying. We worked hard and were very proud of the end result as was our parishioner friend. 10 people with 2 hours could achieve a lot!

We decided that we had time for a swift drink at a local public house, one where we were unlikely to be recognised, well we weren't dressed for company, before heading back to our families. A perfect end to a tough yet productive morning.

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