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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey, not only for us but also for child 4.  Child 4 is probably quite oblivious at the moment, where as for us we are very aware, very excited if not feeling a bit sick. Child 1 said yesterday that she was worried because adoption is forever, child 2 and 3 are really excited virtually counting the hours down, although child 3 woke at 3am this morning.

For me I've suffered no morning sickness, fantastic as I suffer from Hyperemesis gravidarum a violent form of morning sickness (I spent 5 days in hospital carrying child 3) I've not become massively fat, unable to see my feet. I've had no food cravings so I've not been drinking cream from the carton. I've not got to struggle with breast feeding or sleepless nights and there is no labour to go through this time. 

Instead we have completed courses, read lots of books shared our lives with social services. I've tried for the last few days to catch up on my TV watching, cleaning the house, finish making my blinds and clear the huge ironing pile. I am sure that my time is about to be spent making and playing with play dough, walking the dog to explore the local woods and fields, to jump in piles of autumn leaves and puddles. To learn and teach nursery rhymes and hands on games like pat-a-cake, to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and In the Night Garden. To read bedtime stories and tuck a little one into bed. There will be 6 of us at the breakfast and dinner table, 6 heading off on our famous five adventures, 6 of us decorating the Christmas tree. A whole new life full of all the laughter and tears that make a life worth living!

Wish us luck........

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