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Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Beginnings

Child 4 I have surmised has never had a bedtime story curled up in his mothers lap, never been to a church or a school assembly,possibly not played at a mother and toddler group. He has never eaten houmous, chorizo or home made apple cake drenched in cream.

He, to child 1's dismay has the ultimate in double dipping. He dips his pitta bread into the humous, sucks it off and dunks again!!  He eats really well, trying everything we put in front of him. If he doesn't like it he just spits it out - cauliflower, parsnips and roast beef were spat out today. But Yorkshire puddings and roasted potatoes were devoured and he attempted petty theft of a Yorkshire pudding from his sisters plate. No one loves anyone enough to share their Yorkshire puddings in this house!

On Tuesday evening when he chilled out on the sofa with his milk, I suggested a story, child 3 chose Kippers Alphabet not the best of choices as it has 26 pages, but she had chosen so I sat between them and started to read, didn't even reach page 2 before child 4 was up and playing. Although tonight he sat cuddled up between us turning the pages of Brown Bear Brown Bear What Can You See? not necessarily in order but he sat and listened and joined in.

At mother and toddler group he pushed a pram around but showed no interest in playing with the toys, perhaps he is still at the exploring stage, he has so much exploring to do.

We went to child 3's school assembly on Friday afternoon, a special event as up until a couple of weeks ago I worked Fridays. She was dancing so it was fantastic to be able to watch her, not that child 4 could sit for more than a few seconds. And in the middle of child 3's performance he snuck past me with a plastic sheep ran to the front of the hall to give it to his big sister. Lovely, embarrassing perhaps but how cute.

All these things are normal for us as a family and child 4 will learn quickly I am sure, of how to work things best for him. He helped make scones on Saturday and was fascinated by the mixing and loved the cutting out of flower and apple shapes from the dough. He has already learned that if he calls someone comes. At first he would lie in his cot waiting for someone to come, the last two mornings he has called "mum". He has said all the children's names and cried a clear and loud Daddy on Friday, today he made my dad one of the happiest men alive as he called him Randad.

We I think should be honoured and excited to share so many firsts!

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