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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A reminder of living with a two year old

I have had 3 of them so you would think that I would remember, but I had a rude awakening today Two year olds love to explore, they have no fear, they CANNOT be left unattended because they get in to trouble in seconds. Hence the washing sat in the washing machine, the washing up sat in the sink, cups of tea went cold and at about 3.30pm I began to clock watch, waiting for child 1 to come home so that she could watch her baby brother just so I could start tea.

Wonderfully, he is already tantruming, hmm what sane parent wants a child that tantrums? The parent of an adopted child, that's who. Tantruming is normal behaviour for a toddler and i like to think that it means that child 4 feels safe enough already to tantrum when he doesn't get his own way.

The funniest two were firstly,in the middle of this morning's school event where child 3 was singing and child 4 wanted to run up to her, when I caught him he actually threw himself on the floor crying and stomping his heels. The second was when child 4, the dog and I went to see the cows up at the local farm. As he is so good at walking I just put his wellies on and didn't bother with the buggy. All was well until we reached the first field with a gate, child 4 climbed on the bottom rung and called "cows, cows" funnily enough no cows appeared so I suggested walking down to the farm buildings to see if they were there, foolish mummy! Eventually we did make our way down and found the cows (mummy is not quite so foolish!) and I had in tow, a very happy child 4 until it was time to head home. Picture this, there is me holding the dogs lead in my left hand and trying to lift a screaming but rigid two year old with my right arm, as I finally get a grip he kicks off his wellies. Now I am having to hold him and the dog and bend down to collect the fallen boots, trying very hard not to laugh. This of course meant a slow climb out of the farm yard. About half way up the road child 4 struggled out of my arms, indicating that he wanted to walk, so we stop to put the wellies back on, once they were on, yes you've guessed it, child 4 turned tail and toddled off at fast speed back the way we or rather I had carried him and he had the nerve to be grinning! Of course I caught him and had to repeat the earlier screaming and carrying bit, not quite as funny as the first time because after a while he is actually quite heavy and squirmy and the dog who was just a bit bored by then thought he'd add to the drama by wrapping himself and his lead around my legs.

Of course the tears and tantrums are soon forgotten and being allowed to hold the dogs lead kept him close and happy, for the remainder of the walk home.  I really must remember the last minutes of our walk when we next go out, so that I am not tempted to take the buggy just because it makes my life easier, this hands on sharing of an experience is probably the beginning of teaching him about real mother, son relationships. You know the ones where for now I am in charge!

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