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Friday, 20 September 2013

Child 4's first famous five day out

An early start this morning as we had to be at child 4's foster home for his breakfast routine and then we were off to the beach for a famous 3 day out. We couldn't have asked for a better day, thick mists hung in the valleys waiting to be burnt off by the sun, giving the effect of mystical lakes surrounding the hills that lined our journey. Blue sky edged the horizon revealing the warm autumn day waiting for us.

As we walked down towards the beach two horses past, stopping to allow us to stroke them "cow, cow" child 4 said. The tide was just receding, leaving gleaming rock pools and thick strands of brown seaweed for us to explore. The way a two year old explores his surroundings is a completely new way to view the world.  When we normally visit this beach the children are off hunting for crabs, anemones and other creatures trapped by the tides or they are off exploring different routes across the beach, rock jumping. Child 4 however has never seen a beach created from rock formations started thousands of years ago. He wanted to pick up pebbles, throw them in the pools to see the splash they made, laughing if the spray got us wet, then he found the muddy sand and sat for hours touching it, moulding it and throwing it in to the pools. When we finally made it to the cliff top we picked blackberries for a homemade apple pie. Child 4 was fantastic at picking the red blackberries and eating the black ones I'd picked and put in the bag!

A spot of lunch and a cream tea finished the day. Child 4's eyes widen, like saucers when the scones, jam and cream came out, he certainly knows how to get what he wants even with the limited vocabulary of a 2 year old and it wasn't the scone, jam and cream I lovingly spread for him, no it was the cream and the jam!

The sign of a marvellous day out is a child sound asleep in his car seat before we make it to the main road on our way back!

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