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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The first day of the rest of our lives

This morning I was up at 5.50am colouring my hair, well I couldn't sleep and who wants grey hairs when you are about to be a mummy again!

I have felt sick since about Tuesday last week but now I'm floating, content, excited, tearful and A little bit amazed. Child 4 is gorgeous, happy, naughty, cheeky and he has a really really filthy laugh.

First we had to attend a practical planning meeting, interesting I think. Definitely a bit weird as I think it is primarily a form filling/ticking exercise. It was quite terrifying walking into a conference room with child 4's foster parents, social worker and foster support workers, what if we weren't good enough?

After the meeting hubbie and I went out to the Cosy Club for a delish panini, I had pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese and the best jalapeƱo chillies, hubbie had tomato, mozzarella and pesto, a couple of cokes to wash it down and the chance to dissect the meeting and to not talk about actually meeting child 4.

To soon and it was time. We followed child 4's social worker to the foster carers and bravely entered her home. Child 4 was having his lunch, sitting in his high chair with his ham sandwiches and cubes of cheese. This little blonde haired boy with enormous hazel eyes and a shy smile that soon turned into a gurgling laugh. A perfect way for us to introduce ourselves, it wasn't long and he was letting us know that he wanted out. We then spent the remainder of the afternoon playing on the trampoline, playing with the sand, reading 10 in the bed, playing pull the chain and flying around the room. 4pm came around much to quick but it did so off home we had to go, exhausted, relieved, relaxed and happy, no longer feeling sick!

Tomorrow we go back, a trip to the swings, a ride in his new buggy, catch and football in the park. Can't wait!!

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