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Thursday, 16 May 2013

When life gives you lemons make lemon drizzle cake

You know those days, the ones where staying in bed would have been the easy option, today was one of those. To be fair not everything was crap, our social worker called in to collect our adopters report so that's the first part of our adoption journey complete, that is we are now at the front of the queue for the scariest ride in the theme park and are waiting to be allowed to climb aboard!!!! Maybe that is part of this sinking feeling I am having, but do you know what, people and their politics can be exhausting and I've been surrounded by people politics. That is work politics, volunteer politics and family politics. So how to deal with this, well child 1 dances to express her feelings except when she is angry with her parents and then she strops to her room and slams the door, child 2 talks to the dog except when angry with his parents and then shouts and slams doors, child 3 uses the trampoline but I am not trying that one today because apparently quote " my bottom threw up on the trampoline" I'll leave that to your imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I do is bake, there is something so calming and rhythmic about following an old family recipe, mixing together ordinary ingredients pouring them into a tin and then as if  by magic 30 minutes later you have a warm cosy kitchen filled with comforting aromas that evoke childhood memories of  when someone else took care of all your worries and you could adventure quite safely without worrying about other people's agendas. Cake also seems to resolve most family disputes child 1 has recovered from her strop, tempted out of her room by a huge slice of chocolate cake still steaming out of the oven. The making, baking and then sharing a cake is truly good for the soul.
She couldn't wait for me to take it out of the tin, talk about wait for it to be iced!!!!

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