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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Donkey and The Witch


Following my previous post about our knitted family here is a quick update.

With child 3 complete, mum started work on me. She has been using knitting patterns from a children's story type book, for example Dad is based on a chimney sweep. Guess what type of character I'm based on........... Child 3 was too gleeful when she told me it was the wicked witch, but, as if it made it better, Nanna had given me a much smaller nose!!!!!!!

As I said in an earlier post, my mums friend is helping out. Margaret and my mum have been knitting nativity scenes for the last few years and have an adorable pattern for a donkey, so Margaret's task is to turn a donkey into Dylan the dog. Her latest suggestion is that we get rid of the dog and replace him with a donkey, not sure our neighbours or our cats and chickens will appreciate that though.

Interestingly, I bet you that the favourite character will be the "dogkey" or maybe "donkog".

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