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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The only problem with three children is sickness bugs................ It started Saturday well the very early hours of Saturday morning with child 2, who bless him must have been up 5 times.Child 3 had a minor altercation with it on Monday evening. (Mind you i am not sure that it was coincidental as she had been to a pyjama party at Brownies and consumed a hideous amount of  sugar) and has hopefully reached its conclusion this evening with child 1!  All of us are tired and grumpy, the house and car smells of sick or dettol, I've been washing bedding and pyjamas for what feels like weeks and have run out of antibacterial hand wash. What we need is a full nights sleep and a house back to normal,fingers crossed. Just as a note of interest blue berries really should be called purple berries as child 1 kindly threw up after eating a box full, all over the hall floor and it was purple!
PS why do dogs never catch these bugs, our dog really should catch it as he showed a very unhealthy interest in this purple puddle eurgh eurgh yuck! He is so not coming anywhere near me with that horrid tongue!!!!!!!!!!!

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