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Monday, 13 May 2013

One benefit of a 6am start

Why is it on the weekend I have little trouble dragging my lazy body out of my cocoon to make a cup of tea, yet on a work day I awake about 5.50am still dreamy from sleep knowing that the radio will come on in a few minutes and then song after song I say to myself one more song and I'll get up, until its the news and 6.30am and I have to brave the cold air circulating the bed, leaving that lovely warm spot for child 2 or 3 or worse the dog! This morning, filling the kettle I could see ribbons of blue sky intertwined with the grey clouds, so pulling on my wellies and wrapping my old thick dressing gown around me I headed down to the chicken run with the left over spaghetti for my girls breakfast.  (why is it when my husband is in charge of cooking the spaghetti he has to cook enough to feed an army?? Well the chickens will be pleased) As I crunch down the gravel to the hen house I can hear the girls calling to me, desperate to be out scrabbling in the sun, they probably know better than we do that rain is on its way. I love saying good morning to my faithful egg layers on mornings like today, they are pleased to see me, or more likely the spaghetti but they crowd around to say hello and then make a bolt for the gate, just in case I've forgotten to close it or better still Dylan the dog has followed me out and will help them escape. No luck today, no eggs yet either. But the sun is out and we are sheltered from the cold wind here in the run. Feeling brighter and filled with a touch of spring I head back to my boiled kettle for that first and best cuppa of the day, thinking that it won't be long before I'll be picking lashings raspberries for my breakfast! Not a bad life all in all and a pleasing way to start the week.

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