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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Family Tree

We've had to complete our family trees, just back to grandparents but its amazing to see the different types of family backgrounds there are. We often look back to our grandparents generations expecting life to be very stereotypical, husband, wife and lots of children. I wonder if ours is really that different to anyone else's. Be brave have a look. In just the three generations of grandparents, parents and us I have come across East End gangsters, American socialites, escapees from the Irish potato famine, German train drivers, divorces, affairs, alcoholics, domestic abuse, inter racial marriage, children born out of wedlock, children being left in countries on the other side of the world, children dying very young, evacuees, childhoods living in a bombed out London, adoptions and serial womanisers. I view myself as white middle class but when you read our family histories, life is not so cut and dried. I think that my husband and I have grown up into relatively, and I mean relatively," normal", well rounded individuals. And I certainly don't see our parents as damaged by their childhoods and despite our grandparents now being long passed we remember them fondly, they loved and spoiled us. Surely, adoptive children will be no different, if we can provide them with a safe loving home, we can help them grow into normal, independent loving individuals who will thrive and live their lives looking forward.
" Children need two things, one is roots and the other is wings" 

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