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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dust Fairies and Dandelion Clocks

Every now and then child 3 makes it in to our bed in the early hours of the morning,  there is nothing more delightful than that little warm body snuggled up into yours, except when she fidgets, squirms and wiggles continually until just before the alarm goes off, when of course she drops off into the sleep of the dead and you are forced to untangle yourself from her limbs and creep out of bed moving with that exaggerated stealth that only parents seem to know when attempting to move without disturbing a sleeping child. This morning I was woken up by her trying to catch dust fairies. Does anyone else have dust fairies? (Possibly not, as its quite obvious that I don't dust enough, in fact when the children were very young I used to leave the hoover out. So that if anyone called round I could say that I was about to hoover.) Anyway, back to dust fairies, do you know they only ever seem to appear in the early shafts of sunlight that filters through the slivers of gaps between the bedroom curtains first thing in the morning and you can never catch them, they just disappear, slipping through your fingers.

On another similar vein of my lacking in the housewife role........

From about now right through until the autumn, child 3 loves to pick the dandelions that have changed from the bright yellow fluffy head to the white puffball made up of seeds so that she can blow the dandelion fairies up up and away, this can on occasion make our journey to and from school a lengthy yet magical one. I am sure that our neighbours must see this and think "great no wonder I cannot eradicate the dandelion weed from my lawn," in fact I have to admit our garden is full of Dandelions and although I do dig some of them up I can't quite bring myself to kill them all.

I promise that it is not just laziness that prevents me from dusting and weeding, but also the fact that I still believe in fairies!! Everyone should try it and believe.

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