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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sam and the Womp BOM BOM BOM child number 3 style

Left hand on hip, right arm outstretched, finger pointing, right knee bent. Hips begin to sway leaning forward and in a very self assured, strong, come on then I dare you voice, child 3 sings "I'm gonna beat her up, BOM BOM BOM! Quite impressive for a 7 year old ready, willing and quite possibly able to take on a 15 year old (hmmm perhaps I should be concerned and try and ignore that secret swell of pride). All this front to protect her big sister who is devastated by a photo uploaded onto Facebook by a couple of juvenile kids in school.

The photo wasn't really enough for mum to contact the school to rant about cyber bullying!!!!!!  But was enough to require cuddles and positive stroking for a little while that evening. NB photos of the post were taken and kept in case there were anymore.

With plans for our addition coming to fruition means that social media and how it's is used has been debated within our family over the last few weeks. Obviously, we can't ban it, it's out there and child 1 & 2 have mobile phones with Facebook access. But based on the old adage of 7 degrees of separation we have to protect child 4 from possible inappropriate contact from their birth family. Not that I necessarily blame a birth family for looking for their child, if someone took one of my children I would hunt for them until the day I died but that's a rant for another time................

A study conduced by researchers at Microsoft Corp. used instant messaging data to confirm the theory that it takes just under seven steps to link every one in the world. The researchers reached their conclusion based on the addresses of 30 billion instant messages sent among 180 million people worldwide during a single month in 2006. They found that, on average, any two people are linked by fewer than seven acquaintances.

Hence no family photos or names will be shared on our families Facebook anymore, a shame perhaps but necessary? Probably. If anyone wanted to know more "Bubble Wrapped Children" by Helen Oakwater is an enlightening read.

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