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Sunday, 19 May 2013

And so to bed

One of my favourite motherhood jobs is that final one of the day and its one I've missed the last two nights. I guess that's why I wanted to share it tonight, funny how we take the little things for granted and its only when we've not carried out a normal routine for a little while that we appreciate it more!
This "job" is the checking on the children before you go to bed. Child 1 of course is tucked up with her phone finishing "the last chapter, I promise and then I'll put it in the kitchen to charge", child 2 is tucked up warm, cheeks pink and rosy lit up by the night light he still has to have, especially after a late night viewing of Doctor Who and child 3 the tantrum queen of today ( too many late nights can change a child of sunny disposition to a wailing urchin) is now lying with her arms by her head in that classic baby pose, her head resting on Bunny and Leppy (her toy leopard) tucked up against her chin. It honestly gives a warm peaceful glow to my soul, these are my children warm and safe in their beds. Goodnight, sleep tight x

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