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Saturday, 11 May 2013

I know a boy who stole my heart ............

I know a boy who stole my heart and he calls me Mum! How do I tell this same boy that adding another to our family will never change how much I love him. He will always be important, I will always find the time to be with him, laugh with him, hug him and kiss his hurts away. Does he not realise that I may only hold his hand a short while, he will forever hold my heart.

Today we met up with a family who have a birth child the same age as my child 2 who have recently adopted a little girl, this was to allow child 2 to speak to someone who has/is going through what he is.  Well what a success, this young man so obviously adored his little sister " she is so cute, funny and loves me the most but she can be really annoying, I am glad that we have her"

Child 2 said to me just before bed "it's ok mum I'm alright about us adopting, I'm not excited like my sisters but I'm not worried any more, when can just me and you go out for hot chocolate again?"

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