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Monday, 27 May 2013

A famous five day out without the famous five

Today was my works sponsored bike ride, 20 miles following an old disused railway line - no hills hahaha!

Despite the weather forecast of cloud, wind and showers we had a beautiful day for a bike ride, blue skies, fluffy white clouds and a cool breeze. I don't have a bike so borrowed my mums, in fact I haven't been on a bike for probably 10 years, so this certainly made cycling, manoeuvring and changing gear highly entertaining. We were quite a crowd heading off, many of us not cyclists but all willing to give it our all and smiling all the way. Do you know what, the first 10 miles were ok so long as it wasn't uphill not good going uphill, but I kept telling myself going up meant coasting down the other side and although I wasn't brave enough to stick my legs out in front I did whoop all the way down.

The return journey was much much tougher, but I can be pretty bloody minded and I was determined to complete the 20 miles which I did, I may have been the last person to finish but it wasn't a race it was to raise money for charity.

What the early part of this experience did though was introduce me to the appeal of cycling. blue skies, picnics and famous five adventures especially with the family, I was about to say only with easy, flat routes but then there would be no whooping with legs outstretched down hills!!!!!!!!!!!!

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