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Friday, 3 May 2013

Our own Pied Piper

Our blasted dog has let himself into the chicken run, let the chickens out but trapped himself in, AGAIN! I always thought that springer spaniels were supposed to be clever well not ours. He's a hunting dog hahaha who unsuccessfully chases pheasants over the hills and far away, fortunately, it seems only when my husband is walking him (they are that youtube clip of Fenton and owner in Richmond Park, except its Dylan! DyLAN! ) and he is absolutely terrified of our chickens!!
So, imagine the picture, me that is mum late home from work 7pm, busy day, picked up child 3 from grandparents because hubbie is out, having to rustle up tea for the two older children, toasted sandwiches peanut butter and jam for child 1, chicken and cheese for child 2 and a very grown up rocket, goats cheese and chilli jelly for me. Then.........I notice 4 chickens in the veg patch, dancing with glee because the rhubarb has enormous green leaves and the broad bean shoots are waving their new leaves at the sun "yummy" and in the background is not the sound of evening birds oh no not in our garden, its the dog calling "let me out, let me out, pleeeeeeeaase let me out"

"Don't worry mummy I've had my tea, I'll get the dog and put the chickens back." Says child 3. So off she goes in her pink onesie and school shoes somehow forced over her fluffy onesied feet, into the garden. She opens up the veg patch gate and seriously, calls "chickens" and they all walk over and then following her like the Pied Piper they traipse all the way in single file down to their run, where child 3 has to coax the dog out of the run because of course he won't walk past the chickens in case they eat him! Absolutely amazing!
She refused to go out 15 minutes later though, when the bloody dog had done it again!!!!!!!

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