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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The phrase A P### Up in a Brewery springs to mind

Today we were to meet our first adoptee's social worker. Exciting stuff. Our social worker arrived at 10am to  catch up following our panel meeting yesterday and to help prepare us for meeting an adoptee social worker.

It feels like a job interview only it's our whole life style, parenting skills and personalities being discussed and judged. And we are not the only prospective adopters out there looking at this particular child. We have to be seen as positive and already in love with the child but, we are desperately trying not to become emotionally involved, especially as other adopters could be a better choice.

The adoptee social worker and her team leader were due at 11am, at 11.10am our social worker called their office to find out where they were. Oh dear a hiccup, the adoptee social worker had a personal emergency so wasn't in work and her team leader was in court, apparently an email was sent about 10am but of course our social worker had left her office by then to travel to our house.

Our disappointment must have reverberated around our conservatory and our poor social worker had to deal with the immediate fall out.

I know that this was a communication issue, the adoptee social worker team should have ensured that our social worker knew that there was a problem, they should have had just a little empathy with our emotional state of mind and the fact that we had taken time off work. (My husband is self employed so doesn't get paid if he doesn't work.) I am very aware that they are quite probably busy with huge caseloads dealing with some tragic circumstances. The impact on us was possibly not even considered.

There are other children out there and maybe this is not the one for us. I don't often talk about my faith but at times like this its really handy because it means not worrying, everything will work out as its supposed to, when its supposed too.

On a final note as I write this, I realise that the only person really missing out is the child!

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