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Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Jar of Joy

Today someone stopped me to say that it wasn't raining YET, when I responded that maybe it wouldn't and perhaps the weather forecasters had it wrong he laughed saying they never got it wrong except when sunny weather was predicted and we had rain instead!

It's funny how some people remember the bad things that happen and not the good things, me I tend to be a half glass full kinda girl looking out at the world through my rosé tinted glasses rather than oh no half of it has gone already.

As I carried on to meet some work friends for a coffee this conversation reminded me of a mum who came and spoke at one of our adoption sessions. Her adopted son suffers from attachment disorder and this means that reward charts and the such don't work, they are literally tools set up for him to fail. Instead she has a jar, every time someone in the family does something good, kind or amazing or each time something lovely happens it is written on a piece of paper and this is popped into the jar.

The jar sits on the side collecting dust and happy scraps of paper until one day, when everything is going wrong, when everyone is sad and angry. This is the day the jar is opened and the scraps of happiness are emptied into a pile on the kitchen table and slowly each one is unwrapped and shared.

I am sure that this jar will solve all the problems of the day, happy memories scrawled on little scraps of paper have the power to make people smile and feel loved and worthwhile.

Perhaps, we all need a jar of joy to remind us that life is at worst half full of happy moments!!!!!!!!!!!

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