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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The panel said YES

It was an early start for us this morning,  we headed off to County Hall along with our knitted family and forever family book, to attend the adoption panel. We arrived with plenty of time to spare, is that a good thing or not?? Arriving late makes life stressful  but arriving early means you have more time to get nervous especially as the two people standing just within earshot are discussing panels they have observed, "sometimes they are quite boring" "I was at one where really inappropriate questions were asked." Fortunately these two ladies were soon whisked away but we remained awaiting our social worker.

Our social worker arrived when she promised that she would and took us for a quick coffee to calm the nerves, I have to say that it didn't work!!!

Another lady arrived to take us through to where the panel awaited everyone was really friendly and welcoming yet fear I guess of not being quite good enough still sits in the pit of your stomach. The chair of the panel came to meet us part way to explain how the panel session would run. Firstly she would introduce the eight panel members, then they would highlight our strengths and finally they would ask us just 3 questions.

So we entered the warren of corridors in County Hall and then a large room full of people sitting around a huge rectangular wooden table, everyone smiled at us hoping I'm sure to make us feel less daunted.  Introductions happened, social workers, paediatricians, adoptees council workers all welcomed us, our strengths were shared and the questions asked....... We were then asked to leave so they could discuss and vote on their outcome. A few minutes later our social worker and the chair of panel came out, smiling it was an unanimous YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!

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