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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hedgehog cake

As part of a biology project, child 2 wanted to make a cake in the shape of an animal. We decided to go with an old favourite, I, my sister and brother and many of our children have had "The Hedgehog Cake" to celebrate a birthday. In fact my brother was presented with it in Fredricks restaurant in Islington when we celebrated his 18th birthday.

 Earlier I baked mums chocolate cake and then after dinner child 2 made up some chocolate butter cream. We cut the cake in half and stuck the two halves together,  trimmed his bottom and made a nose from the trimmings. The whole cake was then smothered in the chocolate butter cream and chocolate buttons made the prickles!!!! Fantastic

Other project cakes we have made have been
A tidal wave cake for geography using a tray bake and blue and white buttercream created by child 1
A motte and bailey castle cake for child 2's history project

Now how come I didn't get to do stuff like that when I was in school.

"Coz you were stuck in the Stone Age " child 1 said

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