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Monday, 3 June 2013

And gold goes too........

Child 3 had an in service day today, much to the disgust of the other two. Not only that but Dad and I were both home too, so what a lovely day for just the three of us. I had suggested a day at the zoo but child 1 and 2 obliterated that plan before it had really been discussed. No zoo trips unless we all go (not that I blame them)

After a visit to Nanna and Grandads, lunch in the garden and a bike ride I had to judge a gymnastics competition. First discipline was the floor routine, second was the beam (imaginary as it was in the garden) and third was the bars. Child 3 completed her routines with beautiful cartwheels, forward rolls, handstands, jumps, front and side splits and some scary bridges and walkovers, I then had to score and announce the winner. Easy you would think.

"And in first place was child 3" I shouted with an applause. "Mummy!! You have to announce third and second place first" was child 3 annoyed response. (There were no other competitors) "erm who else was taking part sweetheart" I replied a little confused. "Oh for goodness sake weren't you watching, there were two other gymnasts but they weren't as good as me!!" Child 3 tutted, (how is it that children can apply that condescending tone, pitch perfect??????)
What else could I do " and in third place came Bits the Rabbit, in Second Gertie the Cat and the winner in first place is ............"

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