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Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Forever Family

Now that our postponed panel date has past and I have recovered from the doldrums I spent yesterday putting together a "Forever Family" book. This book is what can be given to our number 4 to help introduce them to us before we meet. Child 2 interestingly, being that he was the one quite wobbly about adding another, helped me put some of the pictures together. (The Pic Collage APP has been fantastic)

Each of us (including the dog, the cats, rabbit, chickens and the garden) has a double page, one side made up of child 2's collages and the other of an individual photo with our names attached and comments like "your big brother, your big sister and your bigger sister". I am thinking it may be quite daunting for this new little one to embrace the huge family we will be introducing them too. The book only includes our household, does not include grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and so on and so on, but maybe that's my concern based on how I would feel. I can remember meeting my husbands family for the first time -scary!!! And it must have been worse for him meeting mine as we are bigger & much noisier.

But, that is my preconception, children are often much more able to adapt and accept the situations they find themselves in. I like to think of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys

                               "TO LIVE WOULD BE AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE"

Hopefully our number 4 will be excited, nervous perhaps, but excited to become a member of our family, after all in my head and my heart, wherever and whoever this little one is, they are already mine!

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