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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Just one hour

Just one hour equals 60 minutes or 3600 seconds. An episode of Call the Midwife, Dr Who, Casualty............

Just one hour equals a walk to see the cows, a visit to feed the chickens, a sing song, a dance around the kitchen, car racing, held high above mummy's head flying through the air from room to room, building, destroying and rebuilding jigsaw puzzles. Stories and colouring, finger, hand and foot painting and play dough.
(A morning playing with child 4)

Just one hour equals quickly peeling, boiling and then mashing potatoes with milk and butter. Whisking together an egg and milk pouring over plain flour and stirring in to make a thick batter.  Snipping a string of sausages to separate them and toss them higgledy piggledy into a large dish. Peeling and slicing carrots and removing broccoli florets from their stem leaving in a steamer ready for tea. One large mug of tea, curling up in a comfy chair and a sigh. The first complete hot mug of tea today.
(Child 4's nap time)

Just one hour equals the beginning of a headache, child 2 panicking because child 4 has once again climbed on the window sill to look at the chickens, child 3 screaming because child 4 has turned off the TV whilst she was watching it. Child 1 needs a lift to dancing which means I have to force child 4 into his much hated car seat, tears streaming down his cheeks. Giving up all attempts of starting or completing anything because child 4 follows me calling Muuum or Mummy his arms held up in the air tempting me and demanding me to pick him up and if I try to put him down he scrunches his legs up to his chest his arms wrapped around my neck. Making it so impossible I just sit down with a book or a lullaby waiting for daddy to get home.
(The longest hour of the day, the witching hour sometime between 4.30 and 6.30pm)

Just one hour is 60 minutes that feels like 30, the next feels like 10 and the last like hours and hours!!

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