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Monday, 21 October 2013

An adoption review

This afternoon we had a house full of professionals, our social worker, child 4's social worker, child 4's health visitor and an independent social worker. All gathered together with us parents and of course child 4. Child 4 of course was the centre of attention and believe me he made sure we all knew it.

We gathered to discuss how everything has been going over the last four weeks. How has child 4 settled in? How are the other children? Who has he been introduced to and how did the introductions go? Does he look like he is meeting his milestones in speech, coordination, and behaviour? Does he sleep well, eat well and play well?

All was text book fine, he is one of the family and other than the normal sibling rivalries the children have all settled, he has met our immediate local family and loves them all especially Randad, he is confident in the playground and school. His speech is coming on leaps and bounds, I think he is going to be left handed. He can run, he prefers that to walking, he can climb especially onto window sills so that he can see the chickens and he can paint, play trains and throw very well, could be an England bowler me thinks. Thank, The Lord he naps in the afternoon and sleeps all night. He eats like a horse using forks, spoons and fingers and he can entertain himself, although if it goes quiet it's best to see what he is up to!!

After two hours of questioning, in a very noisy environment, did I mention that child 4 was on form, tea, coffee and homemade apple crumble squares the professionals left, very happy that child 4 had settled in very well with us and that we have settled in very well with him. They will return sometime early next year, I think much of the date setting got lost in translation or I wasn't concentrating on the conversation, probably because I was watching child 4 climbing on the radiator to get to the window sill!

I can't believe that it has only been four weeks, it feels like he has been here forever. The house is scattered with child 4's paraphernalia, the buggy, muddy wellies, hard backed books and fireman Sam DVD's, I frequently find wooden shapes or crayons in the dogs crate and the crockery cupboard now houses plastic bowls and cups depicting tractors and diggers. The fridge is full of full fat milk, dairy lea and little yoghurts, the lower half of the conservatory doors and windows are covered with sticky, grubby fingerprints. The taps are left running and toilet roll decorates the hall. I find toothpaste and cheese in my hair and on the back of my cardigan. The washing machine is on constantly droning in the background, we are reminded of Charlie and Lola and In the Night Garden late each afternoon and are remembering a multitude of nursery rhymes, Incy wincy Spider , 5 little speckled frogs and 10 In the bed being the current favourites.

Despite the occasional complaint, ok ok frequent muttering, would I change it? Not in a million years!

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