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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A cuddle make sit all better.

Well, what can I say other than child 3 and 4 are in bed, I have a tall calming G&T sitting here beside me and I have a craving for chocolate!!!

Today has been more bad than good, I keep telling myself that this is a good thing as it means that child 4 feels safe enough to start pushing those boundaries.

I should have known not to get out of bed when I realised that it was not just raining but pouring and windy (I really believe teachers when they say windy weather effects children's behaviour and not for the better.) However, anyone who has ever had real contact with a 2 year old knows that staying in bed once they are up is not possible.  Favourite things today have been the word NO! Throwing lots of things, train track, cars, food, plates, bottles and books, stomping of feet, very loud voices, at their worst high pitched shrieks, unrolling the toilet roll. I need a machine for rolling it back on because there is no way it will fit back on the holder now. Throwing toys at the dog and getting him in trouble for chewing them. Walking along the window sill and climbing on the furniture as if he was a tight rope walker. Turning off the TV when his sister was watching it, painting on her picture and hitting child 1 on the ear with a toy iron!! He started stomping and throwing himself on the floor from 8 am this morning when he heard me on the phone to my parents checking to see if we could stop by for a cuppa after school drop off. He then stood by the front door, well he stamped and thumped and shouted "RANDAD. RANDAD!!!!!" By the front door until we left for school. Not a patient little man.

By 5.30pm I was counting the minutes until his bedtime.

The good things erm, erm,erm. Watching his face light up with real delight when I said he could lick out the cake mixture bowl! He scraped it all out!

Laughing that delicious baby gurgle when playing peek a boo and then tonight when I put him to bed he wrapped his arms around my neck and actually cuddled me, nestling into my neck, then he kissed me.

It's a new day tomorrow!! Right now, under the gin haze I do believe it has been worth all those tantrums to finish the day with a real cuddle.

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