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Monday, 14 October 2013

A death in the family

Today was the day our oldest baby had to be put to sleep. Gertie the cat aged 17 had been suffering from kidney failure. She couldn't eat properly, couldn't wash herself and was looking, for the want of a better word mangy. We took her to the vet 10 days ago but weren't quite ready to say goodbye so brought her home for her last few days where we fed her on poached chicken, salmon pate, sardines and clotted cream. We gently washed her face with baby wipes and shared our chairs and laps with her and watched her enjoy the sunny spot in the garden.

Child 1, who had a migraine last night so wasn't at school, and child 4 came with us to the vets to say their goodbyes. We told the other two when they returned home from school.

So our afternoon and evening has been quite traumatic, tears and upset from all. Gertie has been with our children their whole lives so you can understand their sorrow. It's hard when I am upset to deal with the children, but I think that is good for them to see that it's ok to be sad and to cry.

Of course they are already arguing over the names of the kittens that we are apparently getting!!!!!

As child 4 our little two year old said when we were waiting for Gertie to fall asleep at the vets. "Night Night"

sleep tight Gertie girl.

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