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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The perils of a public toilet

I find that now my pelvic floor is crap, which I blame very squarely on my three oldest children,  I frequent public toilets much more often. This week I have had to take an inquisitive two year old with me. "Oh no I hear you say" hmm a two year old in any type of public toilet could be a terrifying experience.  When you think of toddlers and public toilets you worry about filthy floors and walls. If you let it, your imagination can take you to places and images you really don't want to think about! In my case not for the reasons you maybe thinking. No my child 4 doesn't touch the walls, the toilet or the sink oh no, no he does much, much worse.

The first experience happened in the local secondary school on Sunday, where child 3 was competing in a gymnastic competition. As child 4 wanted to join in the fun, I decided to take him out into the hallways in between the actual competition events so he could run around and during one of these decided to nip to the loo. This particular toilet is huge as it's the disabled one with a first aid point, so houses a medical bed and a wheel chair. Taking child 4 in with me I locked the door and headed over to the loo that is situated in the far corner! my lovely son, of course waited for the perfect moment and pulled the light switch, leaving us in complete darkness! pitch black darkness. I am sure you can imagine the panic, then me redressing and trying to find my way back to the door without tripping over something and breaking an ankle or worse. Child 4 didn't even have the audacity to be scared.

The second experience was in the local coffee shop. Once again taking my lovely boy with me and noting with relief that the light is sensor driven by entering, I foolishly believed that this quick toilet stop would be relatively stress free, hahaha - this time he waited until the perfect moment and unlocked and opened the door!!

Next time I need to visit a public loo, child 4 will be incarcerated in his buggy!

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