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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cookies of fortune

Today we all went out for Dim Sum at our favourite Chinese restaurant this was child 4's first lunch date out with his grandparents and his Auntie Joan and quite probably his first Chinese. Well what a success he devoured all that was put in front of him, egg fried rice, char siu buns, sticky glutinous rice, prawn and roast pork chung fung, paper wrapped prawns, turnip cake and deep fried calamari and a few chocolate buttons for when he became bored. After the meal our favourite waiter brought over 4 fortune cookies to welcome our new son into the family.

Child 1's read " you will inherit something of value to yourself"
Child 2's " Life is a roller coaster at present, but it will soon calm down"
Child 3's " Laugh everyday, it's good for your health"
And believe it or not child 4's " a lifetime of happiness is ahead of you"

So, so appropriate, life currently is just like The Smiler roller coaster at Alton Towers, you just catch your breath after one moment and then you spiral into the next.

Child 3 seems to spend her life screaming at me so a laugh a day for the two of us will definitely be good for our health, especially mine.

I pray that all my children have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them, not just child 4.

As of child 1, she read hers aloud and then said to her grandparents and her great aunt "well which one of you is dying soon and what are you leaving me!"

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