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Monday, 3 March 2014

And so to gym

Well I have finally made it back into the gym, I have been going to Fitball and Zumba on and off since Christmas but not actually stepped on the dreaded treadmill ( I still use the emergency chain because I have visions of doing a Bridget Jones) or the vile cross trainer since child 4 joined us in September. Last week I knew it was time to return because my jeans were just beginning to feel a little tight. Everyone said that I should lose weight running around after a toddler but actually most of the time everything moves at a snail pace whilst he explores muddy puddles, piles of leaves or just playing with sticks. Don't get me wrong sometimes I do have to move fast, walking near roads or every time I sit in a coffee shop or an event involving one of the older children, but most of the time we go pretty slow, so not much in the way of burning calories. Of course having a toddler means that I comfort eat ALOT, the minute he goes down for his nap, which I think unfortunately on its way out, I reach for the chocolate or salt and vinegar crisps.

As an individual I am naturally lazy, I would prefer to curl up with a good book than head off to do any exercise but I know the exercise is good for me. It also makes me look at what I eat in a different light. It takes me 10 minutes on the evil cross trainer to burn 100 calories, so I know that when I reach for a bag of crisps I will weigh up my need for those crisps against having to spend 10 very long minutes stepping away. Three years ago we were heading off to Singapore and my delightful eldest daughter mentioned in the gentle way a that only a teenage could, that I could do with losing a few pounds if I was planning on wearing a bikini. She was right and so I headed off to join the gym. Over about nine months I lost a stone and a half , I have put about half a stone on in the last six months and am definitely not as fit as I was but I am hoping that I will be able to squeeze in a visit into the gym at least once a week.

Why oh why is to so easy to put the weight on and so so very hard to lose it?

I have to say though that doing the exercise not only helped me to lose weight it also made me feel healthier, more confident in how I looked and actually less stressed.  Those in the know push the benefits of exercising wherever and whenever they can and I honestly do get the benefits, it's just so hard to find a time that works for us as a family, after all any excuse not to go and I jump on it.

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