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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The devil and the deep blue sea

I pulled into the supermarket car park and turned around to say "we are here" to child 4 when I noticed that he wasn't strapped into his car seat. After a panicked moment I decided that I couldn't have clipped the safety harness in properly. That thought lasted until we got home and he wasn't strapped in. "Did you undo your seatbelt? " I asked "yes" child 4 responded. So just to be certain I plugged him back in "show me" which he of course did. My stomach dropped, my heart was in my throat, bugger, bugger, bugger what were our car journeys to be.

Once indoors I looked on the internet for car seat harness buckle covers but not only found some but also found an article from the AA about why "Houdini covers" shouldn't be used.  We have car seats to keep our children safe especially if we are involved in an accident. Should that happen a paramedic  or fireman may need to rescue our child quickly or what if as the driver you are disorientated and need to help your child out of the car.


So what to do, if I use a preventative measure on the clasp and am then involved in a nasty accident and our rescuers struggle to get child 4 out of his seat meaning that there is a delay in him receiving much  needed medical attention how would I feel, on the flip side if child 4 undoes his seatbelt whilst I am driving he could be injured in an accident or could actually cause an accident.

At the moment he is only undoing his seatbelt when we have reached our destination so may be I'll try ignoring it and if he undoes it whilst I am driving I will just have to stop and seatbelt him back in.

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