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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Five and a windy day

Have you ever noticed how children in particular are affected by windy days especially when in school or trapped in doors? Windy days make them wild and over excited, they are more likely to run around, scream and shout and be aggressive. But take them out, take them to somewhere, where they can run free and a windy day can become an exciting adventure.

At the weekend we took a trip to the beach, our first one this year. The skies were an azure blue with cotton wool clouds that sailed above us. You could almost see the North wind imagery of a huge cloud looking like an old man with huge puffed up cheeks blowing the clouds as hard as he could.

Following the storms over Christmas the beach has changed, the pebbles and stones have been lifted off the beach and scattered across the low green cliffs the seats have shrunk down as the rocks pile up around their legs. The power and noise of the wind and waves lifting the rocks must have been frighteningly tremendous. The pond that sits at the top of the beach is bigger and deeper now, the dog took huge delight in leaping in and paddling around. Whilst the boys skimmed flat stones counting how many times they tripped and skipped over the water. The tide was out and the landscape was cleaner cut without the boulders that used to litter around the rock pools. The wind was too strong and gusty for us to explore the rock pools like we usually do, but our walk was brisk and definitely cleared the winter cobwebs away. With our hoods up and sealed tightly around our ears to protect them from the cold biting wind, we slowly made our way to the iron stairs and the cliff top trail home. The cliffs seemed unchanged as if the waves had not made it up to batter them, it would seem that the waves only lifted the boulders and deposited them on the grass, leaving them for the sun and the elements once the tide had gone out. The wind kept us back from the edge and child 4 found it difficult to walk with the wind battering around him. His arms lifted up so as to be held in the safety of our arms.

We headed back to the cars for our picnic and hot drinks. Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo rolls, chilli and sardine sandwiches, red and green Pringles, flap jacks, doughnuts and Victoria jam sandwich all washed down with milky coffee or strong builders tea. A chance to escape the cold and enjoy the sun that poured through the windows, heating up the insides of the cars into mini micro climates.

After lunch we headed over the fields strolling towards the lighthouse that would have protected those old sailing ships from the rocks that awaited those who unknowingly sailed to close, ripping out their hulls, depositing their treasures along the coastline. We tried to lean back into the wind, to see if it was strong enough to hold us up, let us float and fly like a kite. The wind ripped through our hair and pushed us back and forth, causing screams of delight. Eventually the cold drove us back to the cars and we began the return journey home, all of us exhausted, pink cheeked and feeling content. Hoping for many more days celebrating the beautiful landscapes of the British countryside, picnics and memories being created.

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