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Sunday, 9 March 2014

At last a day in the sun

We awoke to brilliant sunshine, well after the calls at 11.30pm, 1am, 2am 2.30am and 5am, darn that health visitor!!! Not that it is really her fault but since she visited our nights have been even more disturbed than before.  Anyway back to the sunshine, yippee the washing could go on the line and we could spend the day in the garden. After all the rain there are a billion jobs to be done. The veg patch needs turning over, ready for the broad beans, the raspberry canes are in desperate need of cutting back, as is the ivy that will soon be strangling our lilac tree, the children's house needs sweeping out, the chicken house needs a clear out and the climbing frame, slide and trampoline all need cleaning.

What did I do, well I did sweep out the house and introduced child 4 to a humungous family of wood lice that had moved in, my husband dug over the back bit of the veg patch, shut away in his own world by a pair of headphones and I did clear out the hen house. But the very best bit was watching child 3 and 4 play with the hose, fill the water table and blow bubbles. We had to make up more bubble mix (washing up liquid and water and a mental note to buy some glycerin this week as that helps to make fantastic bubbles)  They chased the chickens back into their run, tempting them with corn and rice, only for the dog to let them back out again. Child 3 taught child 4 terrifying gymnastic moves on the trampoline. The whole street must have heard the shrieks of laughter of our two youngest children. They spent the whole day frolicking as children should in the sunshine child 3 in her new bikini and child 4 in his nappy until it was bath time and gypsy toast for tea. (Our sweet version of French toast. Triangles of bread dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and fried until crispy brown on the outside then sprinkled with a healthy dose of sugar)

Both were off to bed early, exhausted, happy, carefree and pink cheeked - childhood as it should be!!

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