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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rainy days and Wednesdays

Another day of pouring rain, another day of being stuck inside with a two year old for company. Oh what to do??

I decided to bring a little bit of spring into the house, so hunting out an old egg box, some paper  and some bright yellow paint (I have learnt that if I  want something to be a specific colour only put out that colour) we set up child 4's little table and set about making daffodils. All was going so well until I nipped out to the loo when child 4 must have decided that the living room needed brightening up too and I returned to find beautiful yellow swirls of paint decorating the wall.
I am not really sure if it was the painting or the clearing up that he enjoyed the best.

Then we headed for the kitchen for a snack and a drink before making playdough. Our first attempt was a sticky, gloppy mess because I forgot to add the salt. The next attempt was perfect and we made some beautiful vintage red and blue playdough. There is so much you can do with playdough, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, make cats, snails and spiders, you can roll sausages and squish shapes. Child 4 only makes balls, lots and lots of balls which he then flattens and makes into balls again.

Eventually being indoors drove us outside and we dressed in waterproofs and wellies and went puddle jumping, river wading and rain dancing.

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