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Monday, 3 February 2014

Have faith in your dreams.

I know, I know I keep on and on about our children having the trust and courage to follow their dreams and that is why I love watching them on the stage. It was child 2 and 3's drama showcase on Saturday. Child 2 was in Harry Potter the musical, harmonised with his peers " Fix You" and strutted his stuff in a white gangster suit through a prohibition style rendition of "That Man" And child 3 stole the show, for me at least as one of the orphans in "Annie"

I sometimes think that I am in the minority of parents in that I honestly want my children to find a career that makes them happy, I know that lots of parents say they want their children to be happy but how many of those same parents encourage their children to follow academic routes through education instead of allowing them choice. I know some children have no desire what so ever to study creative subjects like drama, dance, art or music, interestingly no one comments about that other than to say "clever children" but, I am sure many children would love to let their creativity out only to be told that those are fluffy subjects, that won't help you with a career or choose one as your easy exam.

How many of us view salary as the marker of success??

For me if I could have found that career, the one I knew I really wanted I hope that I would have been brave enough to follow that dream......... Do you know what? Sitting here typing that I think what did I / do I want to do and do you know what for me it was motherhood, hmm not exciting to some, not career minded enough to others. After all there is no salary, no kudos, no company car or pension or health benefits just huge payments in love!

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