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Friday, 21 February 2014

Half term

This half term has been a contradiction of so many things, it's been lovely to be all together the children are playing together, chasing, running, jumping and screaming, yet sometimes being all together is tough, what with the bickering and fighting. It's been fantastic to not have to be out of the house at 8.30 am for the school run, too not have to make lunch boxes or have to head out in the rain for school pick up but the lack of routine has definitely affected child 4's behaviour. He has reverted back to his throwing things. The week of course has flown by and I will miss having them all around next week, I have been able to have a cup of tea in relative peace in the kitchen whilest they have played in the living room.

Child 1 has been revising for the beginnings of GCSEs and is in panto so she has been busy doing her own thing. The rest of us have made a solar system. Child 3 has been really interested in the planets so after a trip to the local pound shop to purchase balls, tissue paper and glue we set about making the planets. The three younger children had a marvellous time cutting the paper into strips and then sticking and moulding the tissue paper to make each planet. Child 3 had to write a story for her homework this week, base under the sea and so she has based hers on creatures living in a dried up sea on Mars and how they travel to Neptune looking for a new home. She intends to take the solar system in along with her story.

Child 4's social worker called in this week, intentionally wanting to see all the children together. I think that she went away happy. To me our home is just like that of anyone I know, noisy, untidy, chaotic but full of laughter and love. Child 4 has certainly settled in amazingly well. He seems to have attached to us as his family. The social worker was pleased that he misses me and becomes a little distressed when left at nursery, not that anyone wants him upset but the fact that he wants me is really really good.  The children have all accepted each other as part of the family and I have seen some really good examples of  of that acceptance this week. They love spending time together and hate spending time together just like a family should.

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