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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Inside the head of a 7 year old

Sometimes when something goes wrong a little piece of magic appears.

The speakers on our car stereo are not working (unless the back passenger door is open so not ideal when travelling) so I was dreading the six hour round trip to visit family yesterday. After charging up the IPad and child 3s portable DVD player we climbed aboard and headed off. By the time we reached the motorway child3 had fallen asleep, so her brother turned off Treasure Planet and dozed himself for a bit.

When child 3 awoke, she began to sing quietly to herself. After a while her words infiltrated my thoughts and made me smile. She was flying on an Egyptian magic carpet, the sky was blue and the sun was so bright she had to shade her eyes. She flew over swimming pools filled with hot chocolate and marshmallow floats. There were steam trains and lands filled with ponies, sweets and Macdonalds? There were dragons and princesses' and parties just for her, a new queen. Of course there were witches and monsters but they were all sent home by her silver armies.

Of course once she realised we were listening the song stopped and the "are we there yet? and I'm hungry" chorus started

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