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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Chocolate Mousse

One of our favourite pudding recipes, don't you just love the word pudding, pud ding, pu dding, its just one of those words that makes me think of farmhouse kitchens, open fires or wood burners, jam bubbling on the stove top, fresh bread cooling on a rack on the window sill, homemade cakes and homelaid eggs, washing blowing on the washing line and lots and lots of children playing in the garden working up a huge appetite.

Whoa back to the recipe, one of our favourite PUDDING recipes is the easiest ever chocolate mousse. All you need is 250gm of chocolate, any type of chocolate so long as its good quality and 600ml of double cream. Break the chocolate into squares and place into a bowl along with a couple of tbsps of cream. Pop into the microwave for a minute, stir then microwave again (slowly and carefully as chocolate burns really easily in the microwave.) Pour the rest of the cream into a mixer and whip until thick like milkshake.  Pour the melted chocolate into the whipped cream, gently amalgamating the two until they are well mixed. Pour the chocolate mixture into a cling film lined spring form cake tin or little dishes. Leave to set in the fridge.
This recipe freezes beautifully and can be really easily adapted. I've made it in layers of dark, milk and white chocolate, added coffee to the melted chocolate before stirring into the cream, stirred raspberries into the mixture and so on use your imagination!

Our mousse along with the creme caramel I've made are sitting in the fridge ready to be shared at a barbecue tomorrow with my parents, my sister and her boys and my Aunt. Yummy.

Pictures to follow tomorrow when they are in their glory on glass serving stands

And here is some chocolate mousse spooned into mini pastry cases topped with a raspberry for a party we are off too.......

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