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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bringing Baby Home

The plan for introducing child 4

2-4pm – Meet child 4 at the foster carers after the practical arrangements meeting and stay for 2 hours.  Child 4's social worker to be present at least initially.

Day 2
10am – 3pm – My husband and I spend time with child 4 at foster carers observing his routines including lunch and how he is put down for a nap.  We may take him to the nearby park with or without foster mum depending upon how child 4 feels.

Day 3
7.30am – 4pm – We spend time with child 4 at foster carers house observing breakfast routine and getting ready in the morning.  We will be involved in giving child 4 his lunch and assisting in putting him down for his nap.  We will have the opportunity to take him out for a walk to the park or a drive to a park/garden centre some time during the day.

Day 4
10am – 6pm  both of us and the children to spend the day at the foster  carers. We will be  more involved in child 4's care including bath time if possible.  We could take Him to the local park some time during the day.

Day 5
10am – 7pm - Foster mum to bring child 4 to our home and stay until he is settled.  We will help him to become used to us and his new  home.  Child 4 to have lunch, nap and tea at our house and the children will be involved throughout the day.  We will bath him and get him ready for bed before returning him to foster carers for bed time.

Day 6
AM – telephone review to see how everyone feels things are going.  The fostering support worker to ring The foster mum and report back to child 4's social worker.  Our social worker will catch up with us and report back t child 4's social worker
12 midday – We will collect child 4 from foster carer and take him back to our home. Nap, tea, bath etc undertaken by us before returning  him around 7pmish.  The children will be involved when they return from school.

Day 7
9am – 7pm – We will  collect child 4 and take him back to our home.  Attend to all his needs as before then return to foster carers, Again the children will see  child 4 and play and interact with him after school.

Day 8
Same as Tuesday although could return earlier, say 4pm so that The foster family can have a farewell tea.

Day 9
10am - We can bring him home!

How scared am I

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