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Friday, 16 May 2014

Pretty little bubbles in the air

Take 100 ml of washing up liquid, 100 ml glycerine (which can be purchased in a pharmacy) and 800 ml water. Mix together very very gently to avoid any foam and hey presto you will have some fantastic bubble mixture, which is better the older it is. The glycerine helps the bubbles to last longer so well worth adding to the mix.

Blowing bubbles can help children with
  • motor skills. 
  • Visual tracking skills. 
  • Hand/eye coordination.  
  • Sensory processing skills. 
  • Oral motor skills. 
  • Social and communication skills.  
  • Gross motor skills. 
  • Following directions. 
  • Identifying body parts. 
  • Language and cognitive skills.
Lancaster university did a study that showed that children who could blow bubbles are more likely to have stronger language skills. 

In our house we just love blowing and chasing bubbles. There is nothing nicer than watching bubbles light up in hues of pink, blue and green rising up on the breeze and floating until they are out of sight. Well that's the ones that get away the others are popped by delighted children chasing them around the garden.

We all have washing up liquid in the house and a bottle of glycerin cost me £1.70  and you can make wands out of old coat hangers, an old kitchen roll inner or even you fingers and thumbs. I have just kept some from the old bottles we had.  That and a dry day leads to hours of fun in the garden, indoors is not such a good idea as when it is spilt the mixture is really, really slippery.

So go and enjoy

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