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Sunday, 18 May 2014

A perfect weekend for adventuring

At last the sun has made a proper appearance. We have had azure blue skies, cotton wool clouds and the breeze has been warm and caressing.

This means that the children leave the electronics behind and head out into the great outdoors. We filled the paddling pool, interesting when our garden is on a slope. The sand table is full of play sand, dinosaurs and buckets and spades, the bubble mixture is dotted around the garden in a variety of bowls awaiting a child and a wand ready to magic up circular prisms of pinks, blues and greens.

Meals become picnics and barbecues, glasses clink full of brightly coloured drinks and ice. Perfick. There is still May blossom on the trees and the breeze sprinkles the petals like confetti around the apple tree, which this year sits waiting for someone to climb her, perhaps even build a platform amongst her welcoming arms.

Our garden of course is full of noise, shrieks when the water from the pool is splashed, laughter as the children chase each other around, singing and shouting as they climb the climbing frame or the tree and as the warmth begins to wane, grumblings and tears begin as children feel the exhaustion creep up on them.

And so they are bathed, pyjama'd and tucked into their beds, smelling of summer - sun cream, sticky ice lollies and outdoors, pink cheeked and brown bodied after frolicking in the sun. I watch them drift to sleep wondering what adventures their dreams will hold.

What a wonderful life I have!

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